Sunday, February 13, 2011

A day at the markets.

A month more in the life of a humble vegetable

The zucchinis and broad beans
Tomatoes - out of control!

The hot house is really going mad! Everything it growing really well, even the transplanted herbs are happy and growing like mad. It's an absolute joy to see it all starting to flower and fruit. We got our first zucchini, a plump green chili, two ripe yellow cherry tomatoes (ate them before I thought to take a picture!). We also had a spice mix day where I used masses of our parsley and oregano to make pasta sauce.

Spice mix day was on Friday and a few women came over and we all mixed up a large quantity of spice mixes (I made pasta sauce) and then shared it out between ourselves. I got a cajun spice, a middle eastern spice rub, a marsala mix and the pasta sauce I made. I put the sauce in jars that I got from the tip shop. The sauce had caramelised onions, a whole jar of marinated garlic cloves, semi dried tomatoes, green and black olives, half a bottle of wine, and masses and masses of fresh herbs stirred through at the end. It tasted wonderful!

We spent the day at Salamanca markets on Saturday, we had a whale of a time walking around and looking at all the amazing Tasmanian made stuff. We came home with a bunch of herbs and cassia bark from the Spice World stall, a hand made hat for Angus, and Spikee got a hand made jigsaw puzzle, made in Tassie, that just so happens to be Ben 10 *sigh*.

The cassia bark is the most amazing spice, it smells like buttery cinnamon. last night I tried it out for the first time and made rogan josh. It was the best curry I ever made! So rich and full of flavour, and with good quality beef, falling apart it was perfect! We have a fellow staying with us at them moment, he's from France, and he said my curry was the best he'd ever eaten!