Thursday, June 24, 2010

Property Inspection Complete

Today we had a builder complete the property inspection. The house received a 76% rating. The things that need to be fixed promptly are all external, and none of them are gonna bring the house down in a heap. They're just weather proofing mainly, to ensure damp doesn't creep in. There is some mould in the bathroom and the rumpus room, but having seen photos of it I'm not concerned that we can't handle it. The house we are currently in is a mould pit, complete with fuckroaches ... at least the new house has minimal mould and no fuckroaches! It's definitely a roll up your sleeves and get stuck in job, but we always knew that. By the time we've fixed it up a bit it'll sell for more than we bought it for too, so that's a bonus!

The next thing we have to work out is how to conduct the conveyancing ourselves. There are no DIY conveyancing kits for Tasmania, and working out all the ins and outs of it isn't as straight forward as googling.

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  1. I am so excited for you and your gorgeous family. Looking forward to another update :)