Saturday, September 18, 2010

Lounge room

This is a picture of the lounge room. It's the main selling point for us I think, with the wood fire heater and the polished floor boards. It's also so bright with so much real light, our current rental house is the darkest in Sydney. It also has more cockroaches and mould than any other house in Sydney, and it costs us $300 a week. I think this room will end up going brown, I hate white walls.


  1. Wait until you've been there a while, there is a lot less sunlight over the winter months in Tassie and dark walls can really depress you. Looks very beautiful that room!

  2. The floors look lovely!
    And the room looks nice and bright, and being taken at this time of year that is a great to see.
    Looking forward to watching you turn it into your own home, adding your own touches and transforming it :)