Saturday, October 30, 2010

We Made it!

We've now been in Antarctica for thirteen days now and seen several seasons already. From gorgeous summery days to quite chilly days with mist covering the top of the giant hill we look out our window on!. Today when we left home it was a gorgeous sunny day and by this evening when we returned home it was raining and you couldn't see the mountains for mist.

Our house is far better than I remembered and I'm pleased to report that the family are all happy and settling in well. We're still unpacking things and sorting out where everything lives, and the kitchen is proving a challenge because the Black Spot had quite a large kitchen with plenty storage and bench space but there is very little bench space and the cupboards.

When we arrived we ripped up a bit of the manky grey carpet in the bedrooms and were happy to discover good quality floor boards in them all, and the same in the kitchen, hidden underneath revolting lino. Actually, WE didn't rip anything up, A and Stylish did all the ripping, Angus, Spikee and I chased the pink monsters away (to avoid inhaling dust). Stay tuned because I'll put A on here to detail the sanding and varnishing.

We've started collecting power tools and plants. We now own a sander, a drill, a wheel barrow, a ladder, a beer making kit (A's birthday present) a whipper snipper, a fig tree and a blueberry bush!

I've been learning to light fires in the fire place even though we really don't need one lit tonight we have one going just because it's so nice to be able to have one! There's quite an art to it, or so I discovered after a bit of trial and error. I've played with plenty fires, stoked them, added wood, blown air on them etc, but never actually LIT one and started it from scratch.

Speaking of fires ... I'm a little perturbed by the similarities between the selling of firewood and the sale of illegal substances. It seems to me that both drug dealers and fire wood sellers are doing it to earn "a little cash on the side", you never know if you can trust them, you never know if what you're buying is the correct weight, if it's too wet or too dry or if it will burn! You never know if they'll show up on time or three hours late, they get shifty eyes when they're telling you about their wares, mates give you the number of their dealer and say "tell them I sent you" . And when one says that their stock comes from an eco friendly source??? Uh ha. And the last ounce of dope I bought was legally grown in the Himalayas and fertilised with the business of grain fed pink yaks.


  1. Glad to hear you made it and are settling in.

    I laughed the whole way through your description about buying firewood, so true!
    We always buy ours from a place that stores theirs under shelter, so it's dry :)

  2. Ah, I miss the four seasons in one day :( Souns like life is very sweet indeed.