Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Introducing ...


  1. I luff chooks. What kind are the new girls, do you know? You'll love yourself sick in their eggs!

  2. Yeah their eggs are really amazing, we had enough to make mayo the other night, and we'll soon have enough to have breakfast. There's 8 rashers of free range bacon in the freezer waiting. The emus are Australorp x with something else.

    We've got some pics of the teeny ones with the emus now so I'll be updating as soon as I get a chance.

    Did you get the coffee cards?

  3. Nope, no coffee cards. Did text thanks for C's birthday so I'm hoping your mob hasn't changed. Our Australorp is our biggest chook but lays the smallest eggs. She's the only one to be egg bound briefly thus far too. Amusingly during mulberry season they legs eggs with dark pinkish spots on the shells. And do purple poo but the egg shells are more amusing.

  4. We had more trouble that we expected finding chooks so I have to know ... where does someone in the middle of a major city find them (aside form in the park)

    I probably didn't get the text because we were swapping sp's and lost quite a few in cyber space over that 24hrs. Very irritating business! Does he like the bag? The money raised from those bags goes to support an elephant orphanage in Thailand.

  5. Lots of chicks and chooks for sale out in the burbs a bit further out.

    He likes the bag and took it out the day it arrived. He says to say "Thank you, it's lovely and that's all, mum."