Friday, December 3, 2010

More on Vinnie ...

We've had him since about midday now and he's really taken to the whole family. We've discovered (although we already suspected) that he's not toilet trained, so we're running mad wiping up wee and taking him outside a fair bit!

We fed him and he ate without swallowing, so we fed him more and he did the same thing, and since then he's eaten two lots of the cat's food ... we might have to move that. We've also learnt that he's never walked on a lead before so as soon as you put it on him he stops still and refuses to move, I'm sure we can fix that with a few little fishy treats though.

He and the kids spent ages running around playing chasings in the yard, then the kids were worn out and Vinnie was only just warmed up! So they had a rest then went and played more and he was tired so he crashed out on the ugly fold out sofa in the ugly room. The blue healer in him is rather dominant I'd say.

The cat isn't terribly impressed but he hasn't tried to decapitate Vinnie just yet, and Vinnie has taken a liking to the chickens, so we have to keep a close eye on him. He means no harm, but the chooks aren't keen on playing with him - funny uptight things they are!

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