Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Great Conveyancing Saga Continues!

It is one week until settlement and I have been getting rather nervous about the lack of information I had obtained about conveyancing. Today however I managed to get some decent, meaty information!

I've spent weeks phoning the local council, the land title office, and various conveyancing companies with the idea of hiring them on our behalf since I'm so heavily pregnant and not getting any information. However the solicitor acting on behalf of the vendor called today and said that she needs me to send her a form called the "Transfer" and told me where to get hold of that and gave me the numbers of the certificates I need to apply for from the council, in order to get them to complete the searches. All up it looks as though we'll save about $700 - $1000 by doing it ourselves, so that's not to be laughed at! That's quite a few tins of paint.

The certificates will certify that there are no rates owing on the property, that the vendors actually own and are therefore able to sell us the property, that the boundaries are correct, and that all the renovations - or things that are built on (namely our very strange rumpus room) - were done legally, with council approval. I was talking to a friend about the whole drama today and she said that checking the boundaries is really important because her mother has recently lost so much off her property that her driveway is too narrow to park the car in!

We're thinking we might not leave here til a month later than we planned because then A will be at work, earning good money in the month where they do massive parties and he gets lots of over time. So, we'll wait and see what mood strikes us, he might be totally over it by then and not give a damn about the money .... here's hoping!

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