Wednesday, July 28, 2010

More on Conveyancing

The local council finally managed to email me the correct application forms to fill out which we have done, and faxed. The seem to have managed to undercharge us by about $180 but we'll just keep that between ourselves I think! The woman was so rude to me when I told her that the settlement date is very soon, she said that they normally take a week to do the searches, to which I replied that they would have had OVER a week to conduct them had they sent me the forms to the correct email address.

The Property Transfer forms have arrived and I'll fill them out tonight and post them off on Monday. There's a whole lot of legal jargon on them that I'll have to google to make sure we get it right. Then all we really have to do is transfer the final payment, which I will have to go into the bank to do. There are two ways to do it, I can either pay the bank $35 to do it or I can apply for an increase in the amount of money that I can transfer to a specific account and do it myself. Having done everything else myself I might just do that myself too!

I'm now 41w, and very ready to pop! So I wonder if I'll get all this done beforehand or if A will have to take over. I really should write a "TO DO LIST" because at this stage my head is kind of focussed on other things. Things that are, believe it or not, more exciting that filling out and faxing forms off to various government departments and solicitors!

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