Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Library Arrives!

While in transit from Sydney to Antarctica all of our bookshelves managed to completely implode, except one of the less beautiful ones. So although we've been here for about two months all our books were still in boxes. Yesterday we discovered that the local two dollar shop was having a sale on book shelves, and they were only $32 each so we grabbed three of them. We'd been scouring the tip shops and ebay etc for months with no luck so this seemed like the best option. I spent New Year's Eve unpacking a huge box of books and squealing with delight at some of my discoveries ... not the most exciting NYE to many I'm sure, but it was perfect to my inner book lover. Now the surviving book shelf from Sydney has gone into Stylish's bedroom because the colour of it will suit her room when she paints, and we have three large dark brown ones. Two in the lounge room and one in the ugly room.

Tonight Stylish and I went for a really long walk, we walked for two hours and got to see some gorgeous rolling hills as the sun was setting. It's always nice to touch base with her, she's changing so fast at the moment, and so am I. Apparently I have suddenly become the most embarrassing mother on the planet!

When we came home we checked the nesting boxes in the chook shed and found the smallest egg we've ever had, it's about half the size of the phantom eggs we normally get. One of the LOTL has been broody, last week she had a crush on A, and followed him around clucking at him affectionately and then she went beserk about her eggs! Getting the eggs from underneath her became quite an athletic and strategic event, not unlike a jujitsu tournament crossed with a chess championship. I would have left her to it had she not been so violent, we couldn't get eggs from underneath her without risking life and limb so we needed to fix it. A's brother gave him a book about chooks and the first chapter was on brooding. We had two options, one was to make the nesting box really uncomfortable, but since she shares it with the other LOTL that's not going to work, so we resorted to option number two and stuck her in the cat carrier cage by herself for the day. She's back on the nest again now, so it looks like she has to go back in the cage again tomorrow. Ultimately I'd like to get some fertilised eggs, but there aren't any available locally at the moment.

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