Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A month in the life of a humble vegetable.

broad beans and zucchini. Top photo November, bottom photo January.

Tomatoes in November (top) and then January (bottom).

The garden is coming along really well. Our tomatoes are flowering, and we have quite a few on the bushes that are ripening. The broad beans are flowering, we've had a few blueberries off the already established bush, and we've finally taken time to plant our new blueberry, brown fig, and red current all in the frnt garden. It will be quite an orchard over the coming years. We've also decided where the outdoor garden bed will be, it's going in the unused side area of the front yard. All the seeds that A's mother gave us were thrown into the raised beds in the hothouse and soon we'll be eating all manner of crunchy, delicious green leafy things.

There were a heap of new seedlings planted out in the hothouse today, bush cucumbers, eggplant, four varieties of basil, cress, radishes, a watermelon, and tarragon. We also had to transplant the entire herb garden, coriander, chives, two varieties of mint, a rainbow chili plant, and dill, because the paint scraping would have ruined it all.

We've begun scraping back the paint under the car port, in preparation for painting. We decided to buy a heat gun to make it easier, but we're trying not to think about the next power bill ...

Vinnie seems to be toilet trained at long last! It took him over a month, but he's finally gotten it through his doggie skull. The current problem is his walking, or should I say PULLING! He's a royal pain in the bum when we take him for a walk. There are several ways we can correct this but we haven't started yet. Tomorrow. He's pretty good at "sit" and we're still working on "stay". Puppies are cute, but they're hard work!

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